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2019 Will Mark The Retail Debut Of A Nike Air Jordan REACT Range

Back in August, Frank Cooker shared photos on Instagram (@frankcooker) of an Air Jordan 1 variation equipped with Nike’s REACT cushioning. In case you are wondering who Frank Cooker is, he is apparently Jordan Brand’s NRG footwear designer. Not only was this variation equipped with React cushioning, it resembled the Nike REACT Element 87 to a great extent, including adhesive claps, dual tongues, and semi-translucent uppers. In fact, this hybrid variation looked nothing like the traditional Air Jordan 1. It will even have a different name and that is not all. Next year’s Air Jordan releases 2019 will include five brand new models featuring the REACT cushioning.

Nike Air Jordan REACT Range-2REACT can be regarded as Nike’s equivalent of the adidas Boost cushioning. Compared to Boost though, it is 30% lighter. Nike designed the REACT cushioning to soften the impact of a runner’s strides. According to Nike, REACT is one of their longest-lasting in-house foam to date, granting runners an additional 20% more miles. REACT foam is capable of retaining its properties overtime due to being mostly made up of synthetic rubber compound.

Based on the above images shared by @py_rates, the Nike Air Jordan REACT Range has been split into three parts and will consist of five different brand new models, each of which will arrive in multiple colorways. Thus, Part 1 of the range will include models dubbed the Nike Air Jordan Apex-REACt and the Jordan REACT Assassin. Part 2 will include the Nike Air Jordan Apex-Utility and the Nike Air Jordan REACT Low. Finally, part 3 will include numerous colorways of the Nike Air Jordan Proto-REACT. So far though, the only photo that is available is the one of the Air Jordan 1 hybrid from August, but it is uncertain which of these five models it actually happens to be.

Nike Air Jordan REACT Range-3Nonetheless, the models from this Nike Air Jordan REACT Range will be among next year’s Air Jordan releases 2019. So, keep checking back to SneakersDog for more news and updates.

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