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This adidas Harden B/E X Is Inspired By James’ Childhood Friends & Teammates


adidas Harden B E X-2Fast players tend to prefer wearing the same kind of basketball shoes as all-around players generally wear. These players want their basketball shoes to be reasonably cushioned, flexible and supportive, while they also want the shoes to be light. Players who tend to play the sport at a fast face should also low cut cheap basketball shoes. Power players typically want their basketball shoes to be extremely flexible and stable. Unlike fast or all-around players, power players want their basketball shoes to be heavier in weight. The adidas Harden B/E X is one such basketball sneaker that was introduced last month as a part of James Harden’s “MVP” Collection.

The Backstory & Interesting Facts

adidas Harden B E X-3The overall construction of a cheap basketball shoe is another thing that needs to be considered by basketball players when they are selecting one. Basketball players will be able determine the kind of basketball shoes that will suit them the best if they pay attention to the shoe’s construction. There are certain parts of basketball shoes that essentially should be considered by basketball players when buying a cheap one. Ideal basketball shoes should have a soft upper part. The foot is kept in the appropriate place during a basketball game by this part of the shoe.

adidas Harden B E X-4The adidas Harden B/E X “Clear Liliac”

adidas Harden B E X-5Dubbed “Clear Liliac,” adidas seems to have designed this latest colorway of the Harden B/E X to be worn during the Summer season. “Brothers Through Everything” is one of James Harden’s foremost mottos. This colorway draws inspiration from his childhood friends and teammates, which is the reason their initials are featured vertically down the heels. Overall, it has two-tone knit uppers with overlays that seamlessly blend in, combined with flexible Bounce cushioned soles, all of which are dressed up in a combination of Clear Liliac, Real Liliac, and Real Magenta. This Harden B/E X “Clear Liliac” is already available on and you may cop a pair for $110.

adidas Harden B E X-6adidas Harden B/E X
Clear Lilac/Real Lilac-Real Magenta
CG5983 | $110

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