The Air Jordan 15 “Obsidian” Returns For The First Time After 17 Years

Whenever an Air Jordan colorway is nicknamed Obsidian, it is usually a ominous-looking sneaker that is largely dressed up in jet black or a similar dark hue that falls under obsidian. However, obsidian is not merely a color, it is also a type of igneous rock from which the hue gets its name. Obsidian is typically referred to as an extrusive rock since it is formed above the surface of the earth when the edges of flowing lava solidify due to cold air or water. The Air Jordan 15 colorway featured here is an original one and has “Obsidian” as its nickname since the hue appears over it.

air-jordan-15-obsidian-2The thing that makes obsidian, the igneous rock, unique is the fact that it has the texture of smooth and uniform volcanic glass. Most people assume that obsidian always has a jet black color, but that is actually not always the case, even though that is the most common color of the rock. If obsidian contains trace elements, it may even take on a rare hue like a dark shade of blue, which is what can be spotted over the Air Jordan 15 “Obsidian.” 2017 will mark the first time that this sneaker will make a comeback in retro form after its original retail debut.

The Air Jordan 15 “Obsidian” is regarded by many as one of the better colorways of the model. Its “Obsidian” nickname is a shorter version of “Obsidian / White – Metallic Silver.” The sneaker’s uppers are a combination of smooth leather and woven leaves, with the smooth areas being plain White, while the woven portions are covered in Obsidian. The sneaker looks quite sleek because of its sharp-looking clean White-colored inner sleeves, while its similarly plain heel counters are are made up of Kevlar mesh.

air-jordan-15-obsidian-3Some sneakerheads believe that the Air Jordan 15 is one of Jordan Brand’s worst models, but this original colorway of the silhouette looks pretty sleek and sophisticated. Returning after precisely 17 years, the Air Jordan 15 “Obsidian” will eventually retail for $190 on whatever date it does end up making its comeback as a retro.

air-jordan-15-obsidian-4Air Jordan 15 “Obsidian”
Obsidian/White-Metallic Silver
Release Date: Spring 2017
881429-400 | $190

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