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This Autumn-Themed Nike Air Max 90 Has Already Arrived At Select Overseas Retailers

This fall, weather pattern are expected to transition to La Niña and has been forecasted that much of the eastern United States will experience warm weather. At the same time, dryness is also progressing and consequently, the drought that has afflicted most of the western United States is likely to worsen. Fortunately for the Northwest, it has been predicted that it is going to rain frequently, so the weather will be cooler. So, this year autumn will mostly be dry and warm. However, sneakerheads could wait for the weather to cool down while rocking this latest autumn-themed Nike Air Max 90.

Nike Air Max 90-2As far as the mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. is concerned, the weather may cool down on and off between October and November. However, in a majority of the areas, it will be late in autumn when the weather really begins to get chilly. Furthermore, most of the earlier days that will actually be cool will be the ones when it rains, but even those days will not be very frequent. On the other hand, for anyone attending fall festivals and for warmers, the dry and warm conditions will actually be favorable. The season will also provide the opportunity to rock this upcoming Nike Air Max 90.

On July 30th, Nike had dropped a three-toned Air Max 95 that had retailed for $170 and this brand new, autumn-themed Air Max 90 seems to have been dressed in a similar three-tone color scheme. Both its laces and toe boxes are made up of suede, covered in an earthy Brown hue. Navy appears over the rest of the uppers, namely over the collar areas, inner linings, mudguards and the visible air bubble unit that can be spotted within the heels. Its midsoles also appear to be featuring pure White detailing too, completing the three-tone finish.

Nike Air Max 90--3Autumn has not arrived yet but it seems that it will not be very different from summer for those in the U.S. Further, stateside sneakerheads will not be able cop a pair of this autumn-themed Nike Air Max 90 just yet because currently, it has only exclusively hit the shelves at select overseas Nike retailers.

Nike Air Max 90
Release Date:
August 15th,2016

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