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This Custom Air Jordan 1 Is Inspired By The Miami Heat’s “Vice” Uniform

Sneakerheads who grew up in the 80s may recall and have even watched Miami Vice, the hit crime drama TV series that defined that era. Recently, the Miami Heat unveiled a high-concept, special edition uniform inspired by the 80’s art and culture, and Miami Vice. Hence, it is being referred to as the “Vice” uniform. Brett Maurer, the team’s in-house Graphic Designer is the one who designed this uniform. In addition to the uniform, it seems that the Miami Heat have also teamed up with The Shoe Surgeon to get a custom Air Jordan 1 “Vice” iteration designed, which they will apparently be giving away.

Air Jordan 1 “Vice”-2Miami Heat’s brand new “Vice” uniform is mostly plain white, but the team’s official orange and red color combination has been replaced with a Miami Vice-inspired blue gale and laser fuchsia color scheme. The “Miami” across the jersey’s chest is printed in the team’s original Miami Area font from 1988. Even the team’s flaming basketball logo appears to have been reimagined. Furthermore, Dwayne Wade was recently traded back to the Miami Heat, which has resulted in an 8,000% increase in sales from the team’s store. All of Dwayne’s previous jerseys, in varying color schemes, and also his latest “City Edition” Miami Vice-inspired jersey seem to be in demand.

Dominic Chambrone, popularly known as The Shoe Surgeon, was commissioned to whip up five pairs of this exclusive Air Jordan 1 colorway to match the Miami Heat’s brand new “Vice” uniform. Hence, it has also been designed to have predominantly clean White-colored uppers, which are dressed up in the same Blue Gale- and Laser Fuchsia-colored detailing. These two hues are basically inspired by and represent South Beach’s art deco aesthetic. The sneaker also appears to be equipped with custom tongue tabs and icy, translucent outsoles.

Air Jordan 1 “Vice”-3While this custom, exclusive sneaker will not exactly be joining upcoming Jordan releases 2018, five lucky sneakerheads will still be able to add it to their collection. A special media sweepstakes to determine the five lucky winners will be taking place from February 19th to March 8th, 2018. Readers who want to learn more about this giveaway should follow the Miami Heat’s official Twitter profile.

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