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This Is Drake’s Of The Unreleased Air Jordan 4 Retro “Splatter” Sample

Drake and Jordan Brand have been collaborating since back in 2013, resulting in several different “OVO” colorways of popular Air Jordan models. While no such colorway wound up joining this year’s Jordan releases 2018, Jordan Brand did drop the Air Jordan 4 Retro NRG “Raptors” earlier this month. Reportedly though, after being spotted wearing adidas sneakers and track pants, rumors began circulating that Drake was switching over to adidas due to a lack of a “creative control.” While somewhat certain and obvious, these are just rumors so far. A couple of months ago, Drake even shared a photo of the Air Jordan 4 sample colorway seen above.

Air Jordan 4 Retro “Splatter” Sample-2Marcus Jordan (HEIRMJ) recently tweeted “Btw, nothing confirmed on The Boy,” suggesting that nothing is confirmed about whether Drake will remain with Jordan Brand or jump ship to adidas. The Air Jordan 4 Retro NRG “Raptors” made its retail debut earlier this month on May 4th, 2018 at a price of $190. It had been reported that this colorway was designed for Drake, since the Houston Rockets happen to be his favorite team. This becomes obvious since his signature can be spotted beneath the “Jumpman” logo instead of the usual “Flight.” Despite rumors, the above official photo reveals that Jordan Brand did not remove Drake’s signature.

The sample colorway of the Air Jordan 4 seen here was originally designed back in 1989 but Jordan Brand never ended up dropping it, and it is being referred to as “Splatter.” Drake likely received his pair directly from Jordan Brand and recently, Instagram user Simon Voltaire Tan (@depeche23mode) shared more detailed photos of the sneaker. From the looks of it, the sneaker is nearly all-Black, with Gray-, Red- and White-colored detailing throughout. Of course, this iteration gets its nickname from the confetti-like ‘splatter’ that can be spotted. Considering that the “Raptors” colorway already joined this month’s Air Jordan releases 2018, maybe this one might also hit the shelves eventually.

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