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Eddie Jones’s Jordan Jumpman Quick 6 Has Resurfaced In A New Sample Colorway

Jordan Brand’s Air Jordan line of basketball sneakers has been around for thirty-three years now. From day one, Jordan Brand have been supplying performance footwear and training gear to a long line of athletes who went on to being enlisted into the Hall of Fame of their respective sports. While the Air Jordan line started out as being Michael Jordan’s signature sneakers, Jordan Brand has also designed signature sneakers for players like Carmelo Anthony, Ray Allen and Vin Baker. Back in 1999, Jordan Brand designed a signature sneaker for Eddie Jones too, which was named the Jumpman Quick 6, and the sneaker seems to have made a comeback.

Jordan Jumpman Quick 6-2For those who do not know, Eddie Jones most notably played as a shooting guard in the NBA for famous teams like the Charlotte Hornets, the Miami Heat, the Los Angeles Lakers, and others. 1999 was the era in which Jordan Brand began designing footwear for players who were not members of the Chicago Bulls, and this is how the Jumpman Quick 6 came to be. The Jumpman Quick 6 was the successor of the Pro Quick, Eddie’s previous signature sneaker. The Quick 6 slightly resembled the Air Jordan 14, but its “air intake” styling was relatively bolder, and the top lace loop featured his unique “EJ” branding.

There was no doubt that Eddie Jones was a rather athletic and swift shooting guard, so the Jumpman Quick 6 was designed accordingly. This was the reason that its uppers featured visible air vents, which gave it an aesthetic resembling that of sports cars. The iteration of the Jumpman Quick 6 featured here is actually a sample pair and the photos accompanying this post were shared by Frank Cooker. As can be seen, this sample pair is dressed up in a combination of Neon Green and Orange. In fact, the left shoe is predominantly covered in the Green hue and the right one in the Orange hue.

Additionally, the word “MEDIA” can be spotted over the toes but it seems that Eddie Jones’s logo is absent from the lace eyelets. While there are probably many sneakerheads that are delighted and glad to see the Jumpman Quick 6 resurface, it is unlikely that this sample colorway will be mass produced and released to the general public.

Jordan Jumpman Quick 6 “Media” Samples

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