This Jordan 11 “Wool” Could Be A Premium Release Like Its “Suede” Iteration

Although we wear socks almost everyday, they have always been rather underrated. Now that winter is arriving, the best way you can keep your feet warm and cozy is by wearing smartwool socks throughout the season. These wool socks are the most long lasting socks you will ever find. Unlike those scratchy, shapeless blobs that most people wear on their feet during the winter, these socks won’t itch and will never stink. These cool, cushy wool socks will keep your feet comfortably warm. While it would be foolish to compare socks to sneakers, Jordan Brand’s Air Jordan 11 “Wool” can perhaps be compared to smart woolsocks.

air-jordan-11-wool-2Smartwool socks are meant for everyday and performance use. These wool socks are specifically designed for cyclists, hikers, hunters, mountaineers, snowboarders and skiers to handle various conditions and temperatures. These wool socks are recommended for their breathability, high foot comfort and temperature regulation. These wool socks come in various colors and although the price of these socks is higher than conventional socks, they are still worth it. Premium Merino wool that originates from New Zealand is used to make smart wool socks.

These socks have a flat top toe seam that doesn’t rub. They have ribbing that provides stretch, a Terry loop pad that cushions the soles, a lightweight, flat knit that maximizes breathability, an elastic sole brace, contoured cups that cushion the heels, and an elastic ankle brace. They also remain comfortable forever, last forever, never shrink and never stink.

air-jordan-11-wool-3Although Jordan Brand has revealed what type of wool they may have used the Air Jordan 11 iteration that can be seen here, it could potentially possess similar qualities as the ones described above. The detailed photo of the sneaker accompanying this post was shared on Instagram by @zsneakerheadz. Since actual information about this iteration is scarce at the moment, it can be assumed that it could be a high-priced Premium release. It features reinforced Grey-colored marbled woolen uppers, paired with all-White midsoles and outsoles. The Air Jordan 11 “Wool” might end up hitting the shelves as a part of the upcoming Jordan releases 2017.

air-jordan-11-wool-4Air Jordan 11 “Wool”

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