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Jordan Brand & Vogue Have Teamed Up To Pay Homage To Anna Wintour

Many of you reading this post may not be familiar with the name Anna Wintour, at least not unless you have an interest in the fashion industry and/or read Vogue magazine. The 68-year-old British journalist happens to be Vogue’s current editor-in-chief. It is not every day that Nike collaborates with a woman, especially someone who is not an athlete, which is probably why this is being referred to as Jordan Brand’s first-ever women’s collaboration. This is also the first time that Jordan Brand and Vogue have teamed up. This collaboration involving the Air Jordan 1 High Zip is inspired by and a tribute to Anna Wintour.

Jordan Brand & Vogue-2Also known as “Nuclear Wintour,” Anna has become a noteworthy figure in the world of fashion. In fact, she has been acclaimed for having an eye for fashion and for supporting younger designers. She has played a major role in shaping the fashion industry through Vogue and has even been criticized for it. Apparently, the character of Miranda Priestly from the 2003 novel The Devil Wears Prada was based on her. When approving creative or editorial work, Anna is also known for writing “AWOK” on them, which is an acronym for “Anna Wintour Okay,” and it appears underneath the soles of the sneakers that pay homage to her.

As you can see, one of the two Vogue x Air Jordan 1 High Zip “Anna Wintour/AWOK” colorways is all- University Red, apart from the “Nike Air” branding on the tag. The other is nearly all-White, with the exception of some University Red-colored accents. Each of these colorways will come with a hangtag that has “Edited By Vogue” printed over it, while “AWOK” can be spotted on their tongues as well, hidden behind the zippers. Apparently, this collaboration also includes two different colorways of the Air Jordan 3 as well. Although these colorways have not been fully unveiled, the photos below provide a glimpse of them.

Jordan Brand & Vogue-3Reportedly, the above Air Jordan 3 colorways draw inspiration from Anna Wintour’s signature dark sunglasses and suits. With tweed uppers, each iteration will sport a Black and White, and a Black and Red color scheme. Additionally, “AWOK” will be featured on their back heels. Additionally, both of these Vogue x Air Jordan 3 “Anna Wintour/AWOK” are going to hit the shelves in a premium box, protected by suede dust bags, and they will come with a keychain with “Edited By Vogue” printed over it. However, unlike the other two, these are not going to be joining this month’s Air Jordan releases 2018.

Jordan Brand & Vogue-4The two Vogue x Air Jordan 1 High Zip “Anna Wintour/AWOK” colorways are scheduled to make their retail debut at a select few retailers, including the Jordan 306 Yonge and Nordstrom x Nike, on July 21st. As for the Vogue x Air Jordan 3 “Anna Wintour/AWOK,” it will make its retail debut on September 7th, 2018.

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