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Kawhi Leonard Was Spotted Rocking A Never-Before-Seen Metallic Gold-Colored Air Jordan 12 Iteration 

When NBA athletes perform exceptionally, they are aptly rewarded. The NBA currently has several different awards, such as the Defensive Player of the Year, Most Improved Player of the Year, MVP, etc. NBA also has its own committee and every year that committee casts votes in order to decide which of the league’s athletes are most deserving to receive each award for that particular year. Each year, NBA athletes earn those votes and are rewarded with an award that is fitting. Kawhi Leonard, who has an earned the Defensive Player of the Year award twice, was recently spotted laced up in a rather unique Air Jordan 12 iteration.

Metallic Gold-2Kawhi Leonard stands 6’7” tall and as the small forward of the San Antonio Spurs, he managed to effectively shut some of the finest athletes the league has to offer. Furthermore, he is equally effective when it comes to being offensive on the court. Along with the NBA’s own committee, the National Basketball Players Association also votes and voices its opinion. This year, Kawhi Leonard has one again been voted as the NBA’s best defender, both by the committee and the Players Association. No wonder, he was recently rocking such glamorous kicks that are sure to turn heads.

Along with this, Kawhi Leonard is also a Jordan Brand athlete as well, which also has its own distinct perks, such as receiving exclusive sneakers. The photo that can be seen above was shared by Twitter user @AirlessJordan and sneakerheads may have immediately noticed that on his feet, Kawhi appears to be wearing a never-before-seen Metallic Gold-colored Air Jordan 12 rendition. It is definitely quite a “bling-bling” colorway, which also seems to be featuring some Black-colored detailing and is equipped with translucent outsoles. It might as well be an exclusive that Kawhi received from Jordan Brand since the Jumpman has not hinted towards any such iteration. Yet, perhaps Jordan Brand may decide to release it in the near future.

Air Jordan 12 Metallic Gold
Release Date: TBD

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