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This Is The Latest Innovative 4D-Printed Addition To The Revolutionary adidas Futurecraft Line

adidas ZX4000 4D-2Sixteen years ago, adidas and Japanese avant-garde fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto teamed up to merge the worlds of fashion and sportswear, and named their influential collaboration Y-3. Through Y-3, the two have been taking things to a whole new level within the footwear industry with the introduction of futuristic and groundbreaking aesthetic. Not too long ago, Y-3’s S/S ’19 footwear line was unveiled. One of the sneakers that are a part of the line happens to be equipped with Futurecraft technology. Apart from it though, adidas seem to have made another addition to their Futurecraft line, which they have named the ZX4000 4D.

The Raito Racer

adidas ZX4000 4D-3The sneaker from Y-3’s S/S ’19 footwear line that was equipped with Futurecraft technology was the Runner 4D II. Its predecessor, the Y-3 Runner 4D made its retail debut earlier this year on February 23rd, 2018 at a price of $550 USD. The Runner 4D actually marked the first time that Y-3 made use of 4D technology for a non-performance sneaker. Similar to the first version, the Runner 4D II also featured uppers made up of Prime. Its unique lacing system reached all the way down to its midsoles, created a wavy look, and also wrapped around its heels. Above all though, it was equipped thick Futurecraft midsoles.

adidas ZX4000 4D-4The ZX4000 4D

adidas ZX4000 4D-5adidas took quite an experimental and revolutionary initiative when they decide to incorporate 4D printing technology into their footwear. Their latest model, the ZX4000 4D from their Futurecraft line, is a testament to their innovativeness. Its multicolored uppers are semi-woven, resulting in a pattern that resembles the appearance of its 4D printed sole units. One of its other noteworthy features is the stitching on its knit toe units, which resembles a baseball’s seams. Various other patchwork and stitching are exposed, which suggests that adidas has gone with a deconstructed aesthetic. Despite the lack of release details, you can expect the adidas ZX4000 4D to arrive in Fall or Winter.

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