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New Colorways Of Don C’s Jordan Legacy 312 Hybrid Sneaker Have Popped Up

As you may recall, Don C unveiled his very first signature sneaker from Jordan Brand back in March. Named the Jordan Legacy 312, it was a hybrid sneaker. Of course, he has collaborated with Jordan Brand and Nike a number of times. Some of his popular designs include the hybrid Nike AF100 and the quilted Air Jordan 2. The Legacy 312 was designed by borrowing the Air Jordan 1’s silhouette, the Air Jordan 3’s heels, elephant print mudguards and soles, and the Air Revolution’s exposed lace eyelets and midfoot straps. Despite not having joined this year’s Air Jordan releases 2018 yet, it might be nearing its eventual retail debut.

Don C’s Jordan Legacy 312 -2Back in mid-April, Don C posted a photo on his Instagram profile (@chicagodonc), which apparently revealed the debut colorway of the Jordan Legacy 312. More recently, he shared another photo on his Instagram, in which the same colorway can be seen alongside another one that has not been seen before until now. The earlier colorway appeared to draw inspiration from the Chicago Bulls because of Black- and Red-colored detailing that appeared over its predominantly White uppers. This other colorway seems to be inspired by the classic Air Jordan 1Royal” due to the combination of Black, Royal Blue and White hues that it is dressed up in.

However, that is not the only new Legacy 312 colorway that has popped up recently. This time it was Kristen Noel Crawley, Don C’s wife, who showcased this colorway by sharing the above photo on her Instagram profile (@kristennoelcrawley). As can be seen, this particular colorway is far more vibrant than the other two and is almost completely tonal. As can be seen, its uppers are dressed up entirely in a bright Neon Green-like hue. The only contrasting features are the Grey- and White-colored detailing it features. Unfortunately, there is still no news or update about whether the Legacy 312 will join upcoming Air Jordan releases 2018.

Don C’s Jordan Legacy 312 -3Don C’s Jordan Legacy 312 

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