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Nike Is Bringing Back The Iconic Air Diamond Turf “Emerald” After Seven Years

Backed in 1993, Nike designed the Air Diamond Turf for former NFL athlete Deion “Neon” Sanders. Eventually, Nike kept on designing one model after another and thus, an entire Air Diamond Turf lineup came to be. The final silhouette was the Air Diamond Turf 5 that Nike introduced back in 1998. Throughout his professional baseball and football career, Deion wore all of the models. Until now, merely the first three models have received the retro treatment, namely the Diamond Turf 1, 2 and DT Max ’96. Now, it seems that 2017 will be marking the return of a classic Nike Air Diamond Turf colorway, the “Emerald.”

Air Diamond Turf “Emerald”-2Previously, Nike also brought back the Air Diamond Turf back in 2005, and ever since, it has been re-released many times. Back in 2008, Nike also brought back the Air DT Max ‘96, which was also re-released a couple of times. The Air Diamond Turf 2 was the last of the three to receive the retro treatment. Ever since 1995, Nike eventually brought it back in retro form in 2012. Numerous sneakerheads even hope for the return of the final two silhouettes from the lineup. As for the three that have been retro-ed, the first and original Air Diamond Turf is obviously the most popular one.

The “Emerald” colorway is one of the most iconic, original colorways of the Nike Air Diamond Turf and it is set to make its comeback after seven years. The photo accompanying this post, which was shared by @GRocSmith on Twitter, apparently showcases this year’s version of the sneaker, which is the same as the original. As can be seen, its uppers are predominantly dressed up in a simple combination of Black and White, while the Emerald Teal hue adds a vibrant touch over its branding, heel pull tabs and outsoles.

Sneakerheads who have been waiting for this sneaker to return ever since its first re-release back in 2010, will not have to wait any longer. Even though Nike has not announced or confirmed a release date yet, the Air Diamond Turf “Emerald” can be expected to once again hit the shelves in 2017.

Air Diamond Turf “Emerald”

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