Nike Brings Back The Air Max 90 Sneakerboot In Colorways Like This One

Back in Winter 2014, Nike had provided sneakerheads with a myriad of sneaker boot colorways to choose from, one of which was constructed by modifying the Nike Air Max 90 model. Now that summer is gradually fading away and with fall just around the corner, sneakerheads can apparently expect this year’s sneakerboot Nike release 2015 to hit the shelves very soon as well.

nike-air-max-90-mid-winter-04It is likely that countless sneakerheads are planning to expand their collection with some fall themed sneakers and a sneakerboot would make a great addition. So, they can look forward to get their hands on this upcoming Nike Air Max 90 sneakerboot colorway. It was last year when Nike revised their classic Air Max 90 silhouette, updating it into a mid-top sneakerboot. Since the sneakerboot was designed to be worn during fall, Nike extended the ankle and the neoprene sockliner. Apart from featuring a canvas construction, the 2014 Nike Air Max 90 sneakerboot was dressed up in a Country Camo color scheme. The sneakerboot first hit the shelves at select UK-based Nike retailers and eventually made its way to retailers in the United States.

As mentioned, this upcoming Air Max 90 sneakerboot is also a mid-cut shoe, so sneakerheads who laced up in these kicks during this fall will not have to worry about their ankles getting cold. At the same time, this sneakerboot is also equipped with the Air Max bubble, so it will feel comfortable and will provide their feet sufficient cushioning. Apart from the predominant Olive hue covering this Air Max 90 sneakerboot’s upper, hints of various shades of Brown can also be spotted on this colorway.

nike-air-max-90-mid-winter-03Even though there is no confirming, this and other colorways of the Air Max 90 sneakerboot are expected to receive a Fall Nike release 2015 very soon. This means that sneakerheads could even continue wearing these kicks once winter arrives since they will keep their feet warm when the weather gets cold.

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