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Nike Hopes To Better Cater Its Female Demographic With The Unlaced Retail Concept

For a long time, men have been dominating sneaker culture. In fact, until recently, teenage boys accounted for a majority of the sneakerhead population, or at least those who lineup to cop the latest drops. Arguably, this might be due to the fact that most, if not all, of the hottest sneaker releases end up have been arriving in men’s sizes only. Fortunately, this has been gradually changing. In fact, Nike has been at the forefront of bringing about this change. Sales from Nike’s current female demographic add up to $6.6 billion, but by 2020, the American sportswear giant is expecting to expand this business up to $11 billion

Nike Unlaced-2Earlier this year, the Air Jordan 1 “Reimagined” Collection was unveiled, which contained reinterpretations of the model designed my female members of the Nike design team. Recently, the sportswear brand made the announcement that it will launching a brand new project named Nike Unlaced, which will set a new foundation for the rise of women’s footwear. The Unlaced retail concept was unveiled by Nike this week during Paris Fashion Week. Nike’s brand new Unlaced showroom, which has been set up in a Haussmann-style building, will officially open its doors on March 27 in Paris.

Performance and sportswear products exclusively for women will be the highlights in Nike Unlaced. Nike is even planning to launch numerous Unlaced locations all over the globe and will also dedicate a section to it on their official website. In addition, select Jordan Brand and Nike sneakers, including those from the Air Force 1 and those from the Air Max line, will now be released in unisex sizing, with extended women’s sizes. Reportedly, there will even be collaborations and exclusives geared specifically towards women. Even behind the scene, Nike is looking forward to team up with more creative female collaborators. Keep checking back for more updates about Nike Unlaced.

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