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Nike Has Incorporated The Flyknit Technology Into These Two Upcoming Sock Racer Colorways

Five years or so ago, footwear manufacturers had just four options to choose from in terms of materials, namely leather, mesh, plastic and synthetic. Of course, that was not a problem since there are so many different types of leather alone. Shoes also became more breathable, flexible and reasonably priced when these manufacturers began using synthetic composites. Back in 2012 though, Nike went on and added another option to that list in the form of their Flyknit technology. Ever since, Flyknit releases have been dropping left and right. More recently, Nike even revealed that the Flyknit technology was being incorporated into Sock Racer running model.

Nike Sock Racer Flyknit-1Flyknit is created by huge, computer-controlled knitting machines that that weave yarn by following complex textural designs and transform the yarn into single-piece uppers. It took Nike designers, engineers and programmers four years to develop the Flyknit technology. Since this technology was introduced for long-distance runners, they even marathoners were recruited to be a part of the developmental process. The first two Flyknit models that Nike ended up producing were the Flyknit Racer and the Flyknit Trainer. The two shoes were marvelous, especially because of their one-piece uppers that had a variety of running technology condensed and refined into them.

It was earlier in March 2017 that Nike unexpectedly brought back the Sock Racer and even more unexpectedly, Nike revealed that they were upgrading the silhouette with Flyknit technology. This is actually not too unexpected, considering that they have incorporated the Flyknit technology into many classic models. Hence, there are now two Sock Racer Flyknit colorways that are on their way. Both of these iterations are dressed up in varying Black and White color schemes. Another thing they have in common is the large Nike “Swoosh” logo on each of their toes.

Nike Sock Racer Flyknit-2The above photos are from Titolo (, and these nearly all-Black and all-White colorways with contrasting detailing will first arrive at international retailers on April 6th, 2017. While there has been no specific news, stateside sneakerheads can expect these Nike Sock Racer Flyknit colorways to hit the shelves at U.S. retailers very soon as well.

Nike Sock Racer Flyknit
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