John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon QS-1

This Nike LeBron Icon Is A Brand New Model Designed By John Elliot

John Elliott, one of the leading menswear designers of today, designed a number of Vandal High colorways in collaboration with Nike last year. Back in 2015, an exclusive NIKEiD iteration of the LeBron 12 was also featured at John Elliott & Co.’s first runway show during that year’s New York Fashion Week. The year before that, John received a call “out of the blue” from LeBron’s stylist. That marked the beginning of a collaboration between John Elliott, LeBron James and Nike. Their partnership seems to have culminated in the form of a capsule collection and the introduction of a brand new sneaker model named the LeBron Icon QS.

John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon QS-2John Elliott & Co.

Back in 2014, John Elliott’s now famous and popular brand was merely an emerging fashion label, having been established two years prior in 2012. GQ listed John Elliot among the “Best New Menswear Designers in 2014.” For the upcoming capsule collection, John Elliot apparently drew inspiration from the tunnel during the NBA playoffs, which is why a monochromatic color scheme was selected for it. John Elliot apparently opted for a modular theme for this capsule collection so that wearers could add or remove layers to suit their desired aesthetics and needs. The apparel that is a part of this collection includes a French terry-lined shell jacket and a T-shirt.

John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon QS-3The John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon QS

Of course, the highlight of this John Elliott x Nike capsule collection is the LeBron Icon QS sneaker. It is a brand new model that John Elliot designed from scratch, while also drawing some inspiration from the Nike LeBron 8, which made its retail debut back on October 26th, 2010. As mentioned, the LeBron Icon QS is dressed up in a monochromatic Black, Grey and White color scheme. It features a graphical appearance with line inspired by those on a basketball court and also mimicking spillways. This John Elliot x Nike LeBron Icon QS is scheduled to retail at a price of $250.

Release Dates

This John Elliot x Nike capsule collection will first arrive in the US on August 4th. It will then hit the shelves in China on August 24th and finally make its retail debut in Europe on September 1st, 2018.

John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon QS
Release Date: August 25th, 2018 (China)
Release Date: September 1st, 2018 (Europe)
AQ0114-100 | $250

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