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The Nike SNKRS App Will Reveal Real World “Stash Spots” For Exclusive Releases

Nike has always strived for innovation. Back in 2015, their latest innovation was the introduction of the Nike SNKRS App, which revolutionized the way sneakerheads buy sneakers online. Before the SNKRS App was introduced, sneakerheads who actually wanted to rock their favorite sneakers were not able to cop pairs because of bots and resellers. Nike introduced the SNKRS App as a one-stop shop for sneakerheads throughout the United States, where they can buy premium Nike sneakers through their mobile devices. It seems that Nike’s latest innovation is linked to the SNKRS App and has been dubbed “SNKRS Stash,” through which online releases will be available at real world locations.

Just Don x Air Jordan 2 “Arctic Orange”-2Nike SNKRS has an impressive catalogue of men’s and women’s Jordan Brand and Nike shoes, such as Air Jordan, Air Foamposite, Air Force 1 and Air Max sneakers, and even Nike SB sneakers. For those who have not used the app yet, it is actually possible to customize and personalize it by using the wide range of available options. Through it, a user can even follow their favorite Nike franchises. Sneakerheads who start using the app now and set notifications will even receive updates about new, upcoming Air Jordan releases 2017, and they can even track order status.
It cannot be denied that the Nike SNKRS App has completely simplified the digital transaction experience for sneakerheads.

Sneakerheads simply have to tap their screen to buy a sneaker through the app, but SNKRS Stash will offer a totally different experience because through it, extremely limited sneakers will be brought to the real world. A bit comparable to “Geocaching,” a secret “Stash Spot” will be revealed on the App and sneakerheads will be able to cop those exclusive sneakers if they manage to get to the location on time.

Just Don x Air Jordan 2 “Arctic Orange”-3According to a recent announcement made on Nike.com on May 12th, the first “Stash Spot” for the Just Don x Air Jordan 2Arctic Orange” in Los Angeles was going to revealed May 12th, 2017. Those who are already using the Nike SNKRS App likely received a notification and those in Los Angeles hopefully made it to the location, while those who are not still have time to install and start using the app.

Just Don x Air Jordan 2 “Arctic Orange

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