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Nike Will Drop These Air Max 97 Colorways Between Summer & Fall 2017

2016 marked the 20th anniversary of Nike’s Air Max 97. Over the years, sneakerheads have both hated and loved the sneaker, but the Air Max 97 has managed to stand the test of time. Ever since Christian Tresser designed the Air Max 97, Nike has dropped numerous colorways and variations, even a number of strange and unusual ones. Overall, the past few decades have been quite eventful for the Air Max 97 and this year will be no different, considering that Nike is far from being done with the model. Hence, a number of brand new colorways of the Air Max 97 are already on their way to retailers.

Air Max 97-2There is no denying that the Air Max 96 was a remarkable looking sneaker, but once the Air Max 97 hit the shelves, it quickly surpassed its predecessor. It has often been reported that the Japanese bullet train was the source of inspiration for the Air Max 97. However, the fact of the matter is that Christian Tresser drew inspiration from mountain bikes, specifically their metallic finishes. The look of the Air Max 97 was further inspired the wave lines that a drop of rain forms in a puddle. Despite these seemingly everyday sources of inspiration, the Air Max 97 ended up looking quite futuristic.

Between Summer and Fall 2017, it seems Nike will end up dropping multiple colorways of the Air Max 97, five of which have already been unveiled and are featured here. These colorways are reportedly dubbed “Black & White,” “Cobblestone,” “Grey Snakeskin,” “Midnight Navy” and “Pink Snakeskin.” The materials that can be spotted over the uppers of these sneakers seem to include leathers, mesh, neoprene, suede and synthetic materials. The two “Snakeskin” iterations even feature snakeskin print over their mudguards. The photos of these sneakers accompanying this post were shared by BSTN Store (

Air Max 97-3It is obvious that fans of the Air Max 97 now have several different choices to pick and cop their favorite or favorites, although these colorways are not hit the shelves at the same time. Nike will be dropping these Air Max 97 colorways gradually until Fall, although some of them have already arrived at retailers.

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