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Nike Will Be Introducing A Strap-Equipped Variation Of The Air VaporMax In 2018

Over the recent years, Nike has upgraded the uppers of their Air Max sneakers every so often. For instance, they added Flyknit to make it more breathable and added Flywire to provide more support to the uppers. Until 2016 though, Nike did not make any major changes to the key feature of the Air Max sneakers. That was until the Air VaporMax debuted last year, back in March 2016, during a Nike Innovation event, where several other sneakers were also introduced. One year has passed since the Air VaporMax debuted and it seems that Nike will soon be dropping a new variation that will feature a strap.

Nike Air VaporMax Strap “Multicolor”-2Many sneakerheads had been anticipating the arrival of the VaporMax quite eagerly and the wait proved to be worth it when the sneaker debuted. One of the highlights of the VaporMax was that its Air Max unit did not have a protective rubber layer over it because for the very first time, it was designed to serve as both the midsoles and the outsoles. Due the lack of rubber, the VaporMax was equipped with a larger Air Max unit, which made it far comfortable when worn, compared to Nike’s previous Air Max sneakers. Its Flyknit uppers also made the VaporMax impressively lightweight.

Nike has not officially named this latest variation of the VaporMax, but it is quite likely that it may end up getting named the Air VaporMax Strap, which makes sense. Its Flyknit uppers appear to be predominantly dressed up in sleek Black, but they also appear to be sporting a myriad of rainbow-like hues through. So, this potentially debuting colorway of the model can be regarded as a “Multicolor” colorway. Additionally, the “VaporMax” branding featured on its heels is covered in Volt, and above all, there is a strap over each mid-foot with a large Nike “Swoosh” logo on top.

Nike Air VaporMax Strap “Multicolor”-3As eagerly as sneakerheads had waited for the VaporMax, they will apparently have to continue waiting a little longer for its upcoming variation as well. An exact release date has not been confirmed yet, but reports and rumors suggest that this Nike Air VaporMax Strap “Multicolor” will likely debut at some point in 2018.

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