adidas P.O.D. S3-1

This P.O.D. (System) S3.1 Is The Latest Innovative Running Shoe From adidas Originals

adidas Originals is set to debut their latest, innovative running shoe, which has been named the P.O.D. S3.1, or simply the P.O.D. System. Prior to its upcoming release though, they also hosted a number of hands-on events at a P.O.D. System launch in London. Through the P.O.D.S. Maker Lab Lab, these events offered attendees the opportunity to experience, partake in and understand the creative design process of the shoe. In London, this event recently took place at the adidas Originals flagship store in the Shoreditch district. Of course, the P.O.D. S3.1 itself was showcased at the store and you will not have to wait long to cop a pair.

adidas P.O.D. S3-2The interior space of the adidas Originals flagship store was apparently looked nothing like it usually does. An entire wall was dedicated to showcase a number of adidas P.O.D. shoes and various models from their archive. An oversized table was also set up with the brand’s most well-known cushioning technologies laid out over it. At the Makers Lab, elements and features from previous adidas footwear models were offered to groups of attendees to use and whip up their own unique, brand new shoe. Of course, the adidas Originals and the Brooklyn Farm design team were also present there to offer guidance.

Overall, the adidas P.O.D. S3.1 appears to have sleek, streamlined uppers that reflect the brand’s design aesthetic and the mind of the designer. Arguably, the highlight of this brand new running shoe is the ‘split’ midsoles that feature a simple TPU design with EVA at each forefoot and Boost at the heels. Additionally, each midsole is also equipped with a Point of Deflection System, which is a 3D cushioning design concept that adidas borrowed from their own previous running shoes from the mid-90s. The adidas P.O.D. S3.1 has officially made its retail debut on June 16th, 2018 and should be available now at a price of $130.

adidas P.O.D. S3-3adidas P.O.D. S3.1
Release Date: June 16th, 2018
AQ1059 | $130

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