Patrick Ewing Sneakers 2014

Around the month of September back in 2014, Ewing Athletics was getting ready two drop three particularly notable sneaker releases. However, the brand kept sneakerheads waiting until the end of the year. The Ewing Center “Red Nubuck/Black/White” and two Ewing 33 Hi “Royal Suede/White/Orange” and “Black Nubuck/White/Gum” iterations hit the shelves on 26th September. Continue reading Patrick Ewing Sneakers 2014

Reebok Sneakers Release Dates 2015 (2)

The way the Reebok Sneakers releases of this quarter are turning out, it should be obvious that sneakerheads will not be disappointed. Considering that Reebok continues to emphasize on developing their brand and connecting with their target consumer, it is not surprising that sneakerheads of all ages are eagerly rocking Reebok footwear. 2015 is turning out to be quite a successful year for Reebok and adidas is very confident that their core brand will carry on with this resilient moment through the upcoming quarters of this year. This is all the more reason for sneakerheads to stay tuned for the latest Reebok sneakers release dates.

Adidas and Reebok joined forces in an attempt to surpass Nike Sportswear, and their latest releases that have arrived in 2015 prove that they are not far behind. Sneakerheads who are always on the lookout for confirmed Reebok sneakers release dates with in-depth details will no longer have to miss a Reebok Sneakers 2015.

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Li Ning Way Of Wade

Li-Ning is the name of a Chinese manufacturer of athletic shoes that is currently among the leading companies within the modern day sneaker industry. Li-Ning has been crafting exceptional footwear ever since the early 90’s and the company has made a name for itself with some of the most astonishingly unique designs, such as their Way of the Wade Model. Up until September 2012, the current Shooting guard of the Miami Heat was representing Jordan Brand but by October of that year, Dwayne had jumped over to Li-Ning after apparently receiving a multi-million dollar deal. Continue reading Li Ning Way Of Wade