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A Pharrell x Chanel x adidas NMD Is Set To Debt In Paris

Back in September 2017, Pharrell Williams was spotted laced up in a never-before-seen iteration of the adidas NMD Human Race. The unknown colorway he was seen rocking appeared to pay reference to quite an important quote from the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance, namely “For liberty and justice for all.” The right shoe had “LIBERTY” printed over it and the left one had “JUSTICE,” both in bold, capital font. The Black-colored text contrasted well with the Tan-colored sneakers. While Pharrell and adidas have continued to collaborate every now and then, it seems that Chanel is joining in for this latest, upcoming release of the NMD Human Race.

Pharrell x Chanel x adidas NMD-2This will actually not be the first time that Chanel ventures into the world of sneakers. Three years ago, Back in August 2014, Chanel released 10 different designer sneakers that impressively blended high fashion and urban street wear aesthetics. The sneakers were actually quite dope and nothing like sneakerheads had seen before at that time. The various unique sneaker models were showcased during a runway, which was designed to mimic a grocery store. The sneakers even looked like classic runners, but some of the renditions for the ladies were even knee high, while there were also low-top iterations as well.

From the looks of it, the Pharrell x Chanel x adidas NMD has not yet been unveiled nor have any photos of the sneaker been leaked since the above is merely a rendering of what it may end up looking like. As this rendering suggests, the sneaker’s uppers will be predominantly dressed up in sleek Black, while heels will feature the “CC” branding the toe boxes will have “CHANEL” printed over them, all in White. The sneaker will also apparently be equipped with clean White-colored trail soles and matching EVA inserts.

Pharrell x Chanel x adidas NMD-3Colette, a French retailer that is shutting down on December 20th, is scheduled to host a pop-up between October 30th and November 25th, 2017. Considering that this is a major collaborative release, it should not come as a surprise that the Pharrell x Chanel x adidas NMD is an exclusive release that will only be available at Colette in Paris, France between those dates.

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