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Reebok’s JJ 1 “Icing On The Cake” Celebrated J.J. Watts’s 28th Birthday

J.J. Watt, one of Houston Texans’s defensive ends, received his first signature Reebok model last year in the form of the JJ 1. Definitely not one of the most aesthetically pleasing and fashionable cross-trainers around, for this very reason the Reebok JJ 1 was being compared to Stephen Curry’s low-top Under Armour Curry 2. However, the appearance of the shoe makes sense, considering that J.J.’s exhausting and wearying workouts include tossing around monster truck tires that weigh 350 pounds. J.J. Watts turned 28 this year on March 22nd and in order to celebrate his 28th birthday, Reebok designed a colorway dubbed “Icing On The Cake.”

Reebok’s JJ 1 “Icing On The Cake”-2J.J. Watt himself played an active and significant role in designing a shoe that would be ideal for his workouts. This cross-trainer was designed such that it could be taken from the gym to turf and vice versa. The stability and support offered by the Reebok JJ 1 are truly unparalleled. It is quite obvious that J.J. Watt was more interested in function than he was in fashion. In fact, the JJ 1 was relatively well-received and many considered it better than the Curry 2. Sure, it may not compare to any Air Jordan sneaker, but it is still a decent and functional cross trainer.

Reebok chose quite a special way to congratulate J.J. Watts for his 28th birthday and they definitely could not have done it any better. In fact, sneakerheads must have felt like they were a part of J.J.’s birthday celebrations because of the JJ 1 “Icing On The Cake” that Reebok dropped. The sneaker’s uppers have a predominantly clean White base, while its “Icing On The Cake” nickname likely refers to the Baby Blue hue that appears over its branding, heels, inner lining and midsoles. It turned out to be a limited release, but hopefully plenty of sneakerheads were able to cop a pair for $100.

Reebok’s JJ 1 “Icing On The Cake”-3Reebok’s JJ 1 “Icing On The Cake”

Reebok’s JJ 1 “Icing On The Cake”-4

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