Russell Westbrook’s Brand New Never-Before-Seen Sneaker-1

Russell Westbrook Was Recently Spotted Laced Up In A Brand New Never-Before-Seen Sneaker

The entire Oklahoma City Thunder team, including Paul George and Russell Westbrook, were working out at the University of California with one of the top trainers in the United States, Rico Hines. In terms of offense, the Oklahoma City Thunder excelled during the 2017–18 NBA season. However, when it came to scoring three-point field goals, they collectively scored merely 35.4 successful shots from beyond the three-point line. Thus, Russell Westbrook has been devoting his offseason time to improve his three-point shooting. While out and about, practicing and working out, Russell Westbrook was recently spotted rocking a never-before-seen sneaker that was not the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1.

Russell Westbrook’s Brand New Never-Before-Seen Sneaker-2Russell Westbrook’s Offseason Three-Point Shooting Practice

Out of all the shots that Russell Westbrook made this past season, merely 29.8% of them were from beyond the three-point line. Out of the entire Oklahoma City roster, his three-point percentage was one of the worst, even though his overall stats were outstanding. In fact, he averaged a triple-double for the second consecutive time. Thus, it is actually in Russell’s best interests that he works on his three-point shooting throughout this offseason, considering that it is among his only weaknesses. Being able to more effectively and successful shoot three-point field goals will tremendously increase Russell Westbrook’s scoring opportunities in the upcoming 2018–19 NBA season.

Russell Westbrook’s Brand New Never-Before-Seen Sneaker

Although similar, the sneaker that Russell Westbrook is wearing in the photos above is not the Why Not Zer0.1, which suggests that it might be his latest, upcoming signature model from Jordan Brand. Despite the similar design, heels and shape, this brand new model appears to have a different forefoot and midfoot design, while it is also not equipped with a strap. The pair Russell was laced up in is dressed up in the Oklahoma Thunder’s Black, Grey and Orange color scheme. A stencil graphic that includes his “RW” branding is spray painted on its heels as well and his “Why Not” can be spotted on the tongues.

What Is It?

As of now, there is no way of knowing what this mysterious sneaker is, what it is called, and whether or not it will hit the shelves, but hopefully it may end up joining this year’s Air Jordan releases 2018. Keep checking back to SneakersDog for more news and updates about Russell Westbrook’s unknown sneaker.

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