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This Is A Sample Of A Brand New BOOST-Equipped Basketball Sneaker From adidas

Presently, the BOOST midsole system is serving as the very core and foundation of adidas footwear. The innovative Styrofoam-like midsole system was devised by blowing up and reshaping TPU material into tiny energy capsules. Compared to other running shoes available today, it is believed that the energy return that adidas footwear with BOOST midsoles tend to yield happen to be the highest. Furthermore, compared to EVA material, BOOST foam resists the cold and heat thrice as effectively. Overall, adidas running shoes with BOOST midsoles enables runners to run more consistently. Now, it seems that adidas has whipped up a new BOOST sneaker for basketball players.

adidas sample-2One of the latest BOOST-equipped sneakers from adidas was the Crazy Explosive 17, which was officially unveiled on June 14th, 2017. The Crazy Explosive was the newest installment that adidas added to the Crazy Explosive line. It features single-piece Forged Primeknit uppers. Its ankles and tongues are thoroughly cushioned, its collars offer a snug sock-like fit and of course, it is equipped with BOOST midsoles. The Crazy Explosive 17 made its retail debut in two different colorways, dubbed “Crystal White” and “Solar Yellow.” Each of these iterations retailed at a price of $150 when they hit the shelves on July 27th, 2017.

It should be quite apparent that the BOOST midsole system is the future of adidas, considering that the brand continues to work on more BOOST-equipped sneakers, such as the one featured here. This model has no official name yet since it is merely a sample at the moment. From the looks of it, the sneaker has Primeknit uppers and high-top collars made up of padded neoprene. Of course, the BOOST midsoles are the highlight of the sneaker, while it appears to be equipped with Gum Rubber outsoles too.

adidas sample-3Following the debut of the Crazy Explosive 17 back in July of this year, adidas has not dropped any new colorways yet, but more colorways will likely arrive in the coming months. In fact, the sample featured here might actually be the next installment in the adidas Crazy Explosive line for 2018, but there is no way of knowing for sure, for the time being.

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