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KD 9

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There are currently three signature athletes representing Nike Basketball and Kevin Durant is one of them. The 2-time scoring champion has been around with Nike for far long that it may seem, considering that he now has eight signature sneakers. The very first of the Nike KD released dates was announced back in 2009 when the Nike KD 1 was released by Nike Basketball; merely 2 years after the Seattle Sonics drafted Kevin Durant for the small forward position. Following Kevin Durant’s rookie season, the Seattle Sonics became the Oklahoma City Thunder after moving to Oklahoma’s capital.

Just like Nike’s Air Jordan Sneaker’s, all the KD models that were subsequently introduced all hit the shelves in numeric order, from the KD 1 to the KD 9. The Nike KD 9 is the latest installment in Kevin Durant’s signature sneaker series that made its retail debut on one of this 2016’s Nike release dates. Continue reading KD 9