Spike Lee’s Custom Air Jordan 1-1

Spike Lee’s Custom Air Jordan 1 Is A Nod To ATCQ’s Anti-Trump Message

At this year’s 59th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony, the climate was filled with political distraught, even though there are plenty of liberal performers in the entertainment world. In particular, the hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest really went all out with protesting President Donald Trump, joined by rappers like Anderson .Paak, Busta Rhymes and Consequence. Before performing their song “Award Tour” live, Q-Tip of ATCQ openly admitted that he represents the people. They dedicated their performance to the late member of the group, Phife Dawg. Apparently inspired by A Tribe Called Quest’s open protest, Spike Lee got a custom Air Jordan 1 pair design as a tribute to them.

Spike Lee’s Custom Air Jordan 1-2A Tribe Called Quest were joined by Busta Rhymes as they performed “We the People” from their latest album, Not only did Busta Rhymes express his displeasure for the current political climate, he also referred to President Donald Trump as “President Agent Orange.” He blamed President Trump, deeming him responsible for “all of the evil” that has been carried out in the United States under his presidency. He also called President Trump’s Muslim ban an “unsuccessful attempt.” A Tribe Called People’s song “”We the People” is all about calling people to come together, regardless of their gender, race and religion.

Spike Lee was attending the 59th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony and was apparently deeply inspired by A Tribe Called Quest’s anti-Trump message and “Resist” chants. Thus, Spike Lee decided to get two brand new, custom iteration of the Air Jordan 1 whipped up, with a pair of the model’s recently released “BHM” rendition serving as the base. The Air Jordan 1 “BHM” has received an all-Black makeover, including the soles, while its Nike “Swoosh” logos appear to be made up of Vachetta Tan leather. Most notably, the words of Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip, i.e. “REPEL AGENT ORANGE” and “RESIST,” can be spotted in bold in bold Red- and White-colored font, respectively.

Those who are not particularly fond of the current President of the United States would probably take delight in rocking an Air Jordan 1 rendition like this one. Of course, they will not be able to since it is a single, custom pair that Spike Lee got designed in honor of A Tribe Called Quest.

Spike Lee’s Custom Air Jordan 1

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