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The Under Armour Sneakers Are Reportedly Making More Sales Than The LeBron Line

In the opening game of the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors faced the Cleveland Cavaliers and managed to be victorious. While the rivalry between LeBron James and Stephen Curry has always remained on the court whenever they have represented their respective teams, Nike and Under Armour have been going head to head off the court. It was back in the 2015 NBA Finals when LeBron James and Stephen Curry faced one another and at that time, and at that time, Nike’s LeBron line was generating 10 times as much as Under Armour’s Curry line. However, Under Armour has come a long way ever since.

ua-curry-2-gold-rings-release-details-01LeBron James has been signed with Nike for 13 years now and Curry has been signed with Under Armour for 3 years or so. As of May 2016 though, there has reportedly been an eightfold increase in the sales of the Under Armour Curry sneakers. With Stephen Curry being unanimously crowned the 2014-2015 NBA MVP, it is not surprising that this had an impact on the sneaker industry. As a direct result, sales of Curry’s signature sneakers in April and May managed to go beyond and surpass those of Nike’s LeBron releases

Apparently, analytics and research suggests that LeBron James’ fans are not as devoted and loyal as Stephen’s when it comes to copping his signature kicks. While sales of Under Armour’s Curry models were outstanding in the San Francisco Bay area, Nike LeBron releases did not fly off the shelves in Cleveland as quickly as had been expected to. In fact, Stephen Curry’s fans have even been supporting him in ensuring that his “Stephmoji” app remains among the Apple Store’s best-selling paid apps.

It seems that the sneakers in the San Francisco Bay area end up feeling inclined to a visit to their nearby retailers whenever a brand new Under Armour sneaker hits the shelves. Considering that Stephen Curry hails from that very town, perhaps the townsfolk feel that the Curry sneakers have a definite unambiguous associated with them.

ua-curry-2-gold-rings-release-details-03In terms of brand recognition, LeBron’s sneaker line is certainly more well-known, which is partly a result of the fact that Nike is one of the leading athletic brand out there. This makes it even more surprising that Curry sneakers continue to sell out more frequently, while sales of the LeBron James’ signature sneakers tend to slow down from time to time. Even though the LeBron line is far more mature, it can now be compared to the Curry line. Just recently on June 4th, Under Armour dropped the Curry Two “Gold Rings,” which commemorates the 2015–16 NBA season and it also sold out at a retail price of $130.

Under Armour Curry Two “Gold Rings”
White/Metallic Gold/Team Royal
Release Date:
June 4, 2016

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