This Disc Blaze Colorway Is The First-Ever Collaborative Sneaker By PUMA & Trapstar

Trapstar is a renowned United Kingdom-based brand of streetwear that that celebrities like Jay-Z, Fabolous, Future and Rihanna are known for wearing. Back in October this year, it was made obvious that the brand is attempting to expand into the footwear market, considering that they announced their very first collaboration with Puma involving the Disc Blaze model. The streetwear brand even went as far as posting a close-up teaser photo of the Trapstar x PUMA Disc Blade on their Instagram, and the sneaker’s impending Puma release 2015 finally took place recently.

TRAPSTAR-x-PUMA-DISC-BLAZE4When it comes to collaborative sneakers, PUMA has had quite a solid year and their collaboration with Trapstar might just be the last one of 2015. Trapstar themselves have been quite successfully due to their unique ability to flawlessly blend high fashion and streetwear. Mikey Trapstar, the creative director behind Trapstar, was apparently laced up in the all-White Sophia Chang x PUMA Disc Blaze “Brooklynite” when he first spoke with PUMA back in 2012. While the two brands did not join forces at that time, that was how the famous laceless Disc Blaze silhouette became the focus of their first-ever collaboration. Moreover, the Trapstar x PUMA Disc Blade turned out to be just as the initial Instagram preview.

The rendition of the PUMA Disc Blazy crafted by Trapstar follows the brand’s goth-inspired aesthetic. Hence, its upper is dressed up predominantly in ominous black. Despite appearing like a basic and simple all-black sneaker, it is actually made up of several different materials, particularly full-grain leather and nubuck, while a clear and smoky black TPU Disc device can also be spotted. The sneaker even features a couple of traces of contrasting vibrant red, while white speckles are spread across the midsole and each heel sports Trapstar branding. After selling out in Europe, the U.S. PUMA release 2015 Trapstar x Disc Blaze also took place on December 19th at retailers like Social Status.

trapstar-x-puma-bog-3Trapstar x Puma Disc Blaze
Release Date
: December 19th, 201

Trapstar-x-Puma-Disc-Blaze-2 trapstar-puma-disc-blaze-2


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