This Ewing 33 Hi Is Inspired By Patrick’s Rookie Of The Year Achievement

Thirty years ago when countless people were still in their diapers, Patrick Ewing was amongst NBA’s elite. No wonder, he has his own footwear lines and one his signature sneaker models is now paying tribute to his history-making achievement from thirty years ago that ushered a new era for the New York Knicks. Despite participating in just fourteen games in second half of the 1985-96 NBA season, the 7-foot center for the Knicks at that time, was awarded the season’s NBA Rookie of the Year trophy. Hence, this Ewing 33 Hi celebrates the 30th anniversary Patrick’s achievement of winning the ROY award back in 1896.Patrick-ewing-

During the 1985-86 NBA season, Patrick Ewing had even sustained a knee injury as a result of which he was only able to take part in a total of 50 games in the entire season. Fortunately for him, he had quite the stellar statistics at that time. Each game he played in, he ended up scoring at least twenty or so points and nine or so rebounds, as a result of which the reviews were unanimously praising him. Thus, he was rightfully dubbed the “center of the future” and went on to win the Rookie of the Year award.

Ewing Athletics have utilized orange pebbled leather in order to construct this special iteration of the Ewing 33 Hi, as a result of which it looks just like a basketball. Along with resembling the appearance and feel of a basketball, portions of this sneaker, namely its branding, inner linings, laces, lace eyelets and straps, all feature black and gold detailing. The finishing touch is added by the black and white midsoles that this sneaker is equipped with.

ewing-33-hi-basketball-leather-2-620x555Thirty years have passed since Patrick Ewing was voted Rookie of the Year and Ewing Athletics hopes to bring his history-making achievement back to memory with this special sneaker. However, they have yet to announce when this special Ewing 33 Hi rendition will arrive at retailers.

ewing-33-hi-rookie-of-the-year-2Patrick Ewing 33 Hi “Rookie Of The Year”
Release Date:
May, 2016

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