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This Sneaker Politics x Reebok NPC Was Inspired By The Storyville Red-Light District

Not many readers may know this but New Orleans, Louisiana once had a restricted red-light district that was located beside the prominent French Quarte, the city’s oldest neighborhood. The name of this red-light district was Storyville and the entire district covered a total of 16 blocks of the neighborhood. Readers are probably wondering what this fact has anything to do with sneakers. Well, it turns out that Reebok and Sneaker Politics recently joined forces to design a brand new colorway of Reebok’s NPC UK CNL model inspired by Storyville and the sneaker is on its way to retailers.

Sneaker-Politics-x-Reebok-15The red-light district of Storyville was set up in Louisiana back in 1897 in order to ensure that prostitution back at that time would be limited to a single area of New Orleans. Consequently, the practice was effectively monitored and regulated by the authorities. Even a “blue book” used to be available for purchase that had a list of all the necessary details of over seven hundred different prostitutes. Storyville also happened to be North America’s only legalized red-light district and back in 1917, it was shut down. Storyville is definitely an odd choice as a source of inspiration but the resulting sneaker created by the two brands is undeniably dope.

The Sneaker Politics x Reebok NPC UK CNL “Storyvile” actually draws inspiration from Storyville’s classic interior design elements. For this very reason, the uppers of this sneaker are made up of quilted leather, which is entirely dressed up in dark red. This sneaker is also equipped with gum outsoles. Moreover, a paisley pattern can be spotted over the insoles, which draws inspiration from the floor-to-ceiling velvet walls that were found in Storyville’s houses at that time.

Sneaker-Politics-x-Reebok-12Despite the shadiness of the source this sneaker is inspired from, it does not change the fact that it sports quite a premium aesthetic and feel. The Sneaker Politics x Reebok NPC UK CNL “Storyvile” is scheduled to make its retail debut first on May 20th exclusively at the Baton Rouge and Lafayette locations of Sneaker Politics, and then online on the very next day, i.e. May 21st.

Sneaker Politics x Reebok NPC UK CNL “Storyvile”
Release  Date:
May 20th,2016

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