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These Two Premium Leather Air Jordan 9 Iterations Are Inspired By Baseball Gloves

The baseball gloves or mitts are the most important pieces of gear that a baseball athlete wears. Not only must a baseball player choose the right baseball gloves, they must also make sure they fit properly and care for them. It was back around the 1870s when baseball gloves were invented to prevent the baseball player’s hands from getting injured whenever they catch the ball. Rather than catching the baseball, baseball gloves were initially invented to knock the balls to the ground. Many sneakers are likely familiar with baseball gloves, but they would have probably never assumed that Jordan Brand would whip up two sneaker iterations inspired by them.

Air Jordan 9 Baseball Glove-2It makes sense though, considering that Michael Jordan also once pursued a brief career as a professional baseball player. The very first baseball gloves that were used in the sport were sewn together using pieces of leather. At that time, it was assumed that these flimsy gloves would offer sufficient protection. However, baseball players of that time felt that they would be made fun of if they would wear baseball gloves. Albert Spalding, the legendary pitcher of the Boston Red Stockings, was the first to wear fingerless, padded leather baseball gloves, which were predecessors of the modern day baseball mitts.

News about the Air Jordan 9 Baseball Glove has been circulating since the middle of this month, but it turns out that there are two different colorways of this upcoming special variation. Apparently, both these colorways are a tribute to when Michael Jordan played baseball as a member of the Scottsdale Scorpions. Both iterations are made up of premium leather, while their heels and side panels feature woven detailed resembling that of a baseball glove. They are also equipped with leather laces. One of the colorways is predominantly dressed up sleek Black and the other in Brown, which makes it feel and look even more like a baseball glove.

Air Jordan 9 Baseball Glove-3The sneakers also sport plain White-colored accents, including the midsoles and embroidered “35” branding over the heels, which is a nod to Michael Jordan’s number during his baseball career. Apparently, just 2,000 pairs have been produced of each of these Air Jordan 9 Baseball Glove colorways. However, it is uncertain when and how they will end up being up for grabs among upcoming Jordan releases 2017.

Air Jordan 9 Baseball Glove

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