Nike Kobe 1 Proto “All Star”-1

This Upcoming Colorway Of The Nike Kobe 1 Proto Has Been Dubbed “All-Star”


Nike Kobe 1 Proto “All Star”-2In the sport of basketball, the traits that basketball shoes possess turn out to be quite beneficial for the basketball players who wear such shoes. Basketball shoes tend to be durable, flexible, long lasting and supportive, which proves to be really ideal for the basketball players wearing these shoes during a game. Buying cheap basketball shoes can certainly help people save money since they are affordably priced, however, the chosen shoes must match the style of the player as well. Nike’s last basketball shoe was introduced this very year as a part of Kobe Bryant’s continuing signature line. Featured here is an “All-Star” colorway of the Kobe 1 Protro.

The Backstory & Interesting Facts

Nike Kobe 1 Proto “All Star”-3Depending on whether they are an all-around player, a fast player or a power player, basketball players should accordingly pick out a pair of reasonably priced basketball shoes for themselves. Those deciding to buy cheap basketball shoes should start by determining what type of a player they actually are. Reasonable ankle support and cushioning are two important traits these types of players seem to require from the basketball shoes they wear. Basketball players will be able to select from a variety of cheap sneakers that they can wear while playing basketball. The basketball shoes that all-around basketball players prefer to wear during the game tend to be quite lightweight.

The Nike Kobe 1 Protro “All-Star”

This upcoming “All-Star” colorway of the Nike Kobe 1 Proto is actually inspired by and a tribute to the Zoom Kobe 1 “All-Star” that Nike released back in 2006. The leather uppers of this iteration are predominantly White, while Black appears over the carbon fiber, leather overlays, Nike “Swoosh” logos, and the toe boxes. Another hue that makes an appearance is Red, which can be spotted over the collars, midsoles, outsoles and all the stitching. The arrival of this colorway may seem odd since the next year’s All-Star Weekend is scheduled for February 2019. Nonetheless, this Nike Air Max 1 Proto “All-Star” will retail for $175 in August 2018.

Nike Air Max 1 Proto “All-Star”

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