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This adidas Crazy BYW 98 Is An Upgraded Version Of Kobe Bryant’s KB8

It has been over two years now since Kobe Bryant played his final NBA game, prior to bidding farewell to the league and retiring from the sport of professional basketball. Ever since, he has working with Nike to release updated, “Retro” versions of his original signature sneakers, the first of these being the Zoom Kobe 1 Proto. However, before the inauguration of his longstanding relationship with Nike, Kobe already had an impressive lineup of signature adidas sneakers, which included the adidas Kobe and KB8 sneakers. It seems that adidas is revamping the KB8 II, drawing inspiration from Nike’s Kobe 1 Proto, and have named it the Crazy BYW 98.

adidas Crazy BYW 98-2Kobe Bryant’s adidas KB8 II

Once he signed with adidas, Kobe Bryant wore the EQT Elevation during his rookie season and he eventually received his first signature sneaker, the KB8. It was also one of the most distinguished and popular models from the Feet You Wear era of adidas Basketball. Over the years, adidas renamed it Crazy 8 and has re-released it countless times. The adidas KB8 2 was originally released back in 1998 and was renamed Crazy 2 back in 2014 when it received the retro treatment for the first time. Of courses, Kobe Bryant had already departed from adidas by then, having paid $8 million back in 2002 to terminate his contract.

adidas Crazy BYW 98-3The adidas Crazy BYW 98

adidas Crazy BYW 98-4Since the Kobe Bryant is no longer an adidas athlete, he has no connection with the Crazy BYW 98, apart from the fact that it is adidas’ version of the Nike Kobe 1 Proto. Basically, adidas has upgraded the KB8 using some of the features of the Crazy BYW. The tumbled leather uppers of the Crazy BYW 98 are actually quite identical to the KB8, and are dressed up in a Black and White color scheme. An advanced, modern day addition that makes the Crazy BYW 98 more comfortable and durable is BOOST cushioning. For more news and updates regarding its release, keep checking back to SneakerExclusive.

adidas Crazy BYW 98-5adidas Crazy BYW 98

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