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Dez Bryant Now Has An Air Jordan 11 Low “Concord” Golf Cleat Pair

There are many people who have become quite fond of the game of golf and enjoy playing it so much that they go out golfing frequently. No doubt golf can be a fun game; however, without the proper golf equipment it is not really possible to truly enjoy this strategic game. While there are a variety of items that fall under the category of equipment used for golfing, however, golf shoes happen to be one of the most essential equipment of them all. Apparently, Dez Bryant also happens to be a golf enthusiast and he seems to have received an exclusive Air Jordan 11 golf shoe from Jordan Brand.

Air Jordan 11 Low “Concord”-2The driver is typically used from the teeing area. Golfers who need to a hit a shot at a maximum length while positioned at the tee usually use a driver. When it comes to hitting the ball as close as possible to the green, fairway woods are used by golfers. Irons are golf clubs that come with wedges of various types and they are chosen by a golfer depending on their preference. Golf club technology has advanced to quite an extent and one apparent example is the hybrid clubs. A putter is among the golf equipment that is essentially carried by every golfer.

Back in September 2016, Marcus Jordan had tweeted a photo of his father played golf while laced up in an Air Jordan 11Concord” golf cleat. However, Michael Jordan is not the only one now to have such golf shoes. The NFL athlete and wide receiver of the Dallas Cowboys shared a photo on his Instagram (@dezbryant) of this pair. As seen in the photo, it seems that this is a golf cleat variation of the Air Jordan 11 Low. It appears to be dressed up in a Concord-like color scheme with clear, cleated outsoles that seem to be inspired by the Nike Golf TW ’13.

Air Jordan 11 Low “Concord”

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