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This Grey-colored Suede Hang Tag Will Accompany The KAWS x Air Jordan 4

Nike has always been committed to New York City and their “New York Made” campaign back in November 2016 was a shining example of this. The program was the result of a partnership between the New York City Parks and Recreation Department and Nike. For the program, Nike recruited Brian Donnelly, the artist from Brooklyn who is better known as KAWS, to overhaul and upgrade the two full basketball Stanton Street Courts, including their four hoops. Even though KAWS has worked with Nike, he has never collaborated with Jordan Brand before. Thus, 2017 will mark the very first collaboration between Jordan Brand & KAWS involving an Air Jordan 4.

KAWS x Air Jordan 4-2While redesigned the courts, Brian Donnelly worked on them just like he would on canvas. KAWS revamped the courts in a way that remained true to his style, while also keeping in mind that people would be playing on them. He made sure that the courts would be equally functional and visually eye-catching, incorporating his own art into the natural lines of the courts. He wanted the courts to have an “intimate effect” on everyone who would play there. The Stanton Street Courts, which are located in Lower East Side, Manhattan, are each measures 116 feet x 80 feet and they both now look like pieces of art.

One of the biggest Jordan Brand-related news that was leaked back in January 2017 was the news of their very first potential collaboration with KAWS. Jordan Brand and KAWS themselves never really confirmed these rumors at first, but it became obvious when Brian shared a photo on his Instagram (@kaws) with his signature, double “X” branding with “AIR” beneath it. Apart from a glimpse, which suggests that the Air Jordan 4 will be all-Black with Metallic Gold-colored accents and translucent outsoles with an “X” underneath each, the sneaker itself has not been seen.

KAWS x Air Jordan 4-3On February 17th, Brian Donnelly wished Michael Jordan a Happy Birthday with an Instagram photo of a Cool Grey-colored suede hang tag that will likely accompany the Air Jordan 4. The tag features the same collaborative branding, i.e. the “XX” and “AIR.” So far, there is still no news of when this KAWS x Air Jordan 4 will end up arriving at retailers.

KAWS x Air Jordan 4
Cool Grey/White
Release Date: March 2017
930155-003 | $

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