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Kanye West Was Recently Spotted Rocking An Unknown High Top adidas Yeezy Model

As of lately, Kanye West has been making headlines due to a noticeable increase in his weight ever since he returned from hiatus. This past Friday, Kanye was spotted outside SoulCycle in New York, where he was apparently attending a class. There have been reports that Kim has apparently put him on a “daddy diet,” considering that he will soon be the father of a third child. As he walked out the indoor cycling studio, he was photographed wearing an outfit that consisted of a denim shirt and denim jeans, while laced up in all-white kicks that do not appear to be an adidas Yeezy model.

Unknown High Top adidas Yeezy Model-2After getting back into shape herself and feeling far better than ever before, Kim apparently wants Kanye to do the same. With their third child on its way, Kim wants Kanye to be “full of energy” and them both to be in “top form” before the due date arrives. Now that he is on a daddy diet, it seems that Kanye will be working out thrice a week and within six week; he will be working out five times per week. Both husband and wife have claimed that he will “have a six pack” by the end of 2017.

Prior to his most recent appearance outside SoulCycle, Kanye West was also spotted elsewhere, out and about, laced up in a never-before-seen pair of sneakers. From the looks of it, as seen in the photo above, it is possibly a Yeezy High Top model that adidas has been working on. Kanye rocked the same sneaker back in July, when he partook in a UCLA practice. This unknown Yeezy model also bears quite a resemblance to the adidas Yeezy Wave Runner. Its sock collars appear to be extended and its toe boxes appear to be covered in suede. Surprisingly though, the sneaker does not seem to be equipped with Boost soles.

Unknown High Top adidas Yeezy Model-3Which adidias Yeezy model is Kanye wearing in the above photo and will it ever arrive at retailers? For now, there is no way of knowing the identity of the mystery kicks, but stay tuned to SneakerExclusive to find out more.

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