Jordan Trainer 3 NCAA Pack-1

This “NCAA” Pack Includes Four College Football-Inspired Colorways Of The Jordan Trainer 3

Jordan Brand is now the sponsor of four college football teams, namely the Florida Gators, the Michigan Wolverines, the North Carolina Tar Heels, and the Oklahoma Sooners. This year, Jordan Brand has been continuing its expansion in college football as the apparel provider for the teams representing these four universities. The Gators and the Sooners were the latest programs to sign with Jordan Brand and recently unveiled their uniforms for the upcoming 2018-19 season. They even received their own respective Air Jordan collections. Jordan Brand has now unveiled four different iterations of the Jordan Trainer 3, each dressed up in the respective colors of the mentioned collegiate football programs.

Jordan Trainer 3 NCAA Pack-2The Jordan Trainer 3

Unveiled back in April this year, the Jordan Trainer 3 looked quite sleek, while also proving to be very comfortable, lightweight, supportive and versatile. Its predecessor already had a rather low-profile and sleek silhouette, while also minimalistic and simple. Its uppers are extremely sloped and its shape features angular tooling all across. The midfoot straps from the Jordan Trainer 2 are still present but this time they sport same texture as the uppers. The Jordan Trainer 3 is also equipped with foam midsoles containing Nike Zoom Air cushioning. Jordan Brand also introduced a brand new tread beneath its durable rubber soles, which tremendously improved its traction.

Jordan Trainer 3 NCAA Pack-3The “NCAA” Pack

Jordan Trainer 3 NCAA Pack-4In the past, Jordan Brand has already designed many special Air Jordan colorways representing the NCCA teams it sponsors, some of which have even retailed, such as the recent Air Jordan 12 “Michigan.” Each of the four colorways of the Jordan Trainer 3 that you see above is dressed up in the respective color scheme of the Michigan Wolverines, North Carolina Tar Heels, and the Oklahoma Sooners. The branding of each team can also be spotted on the insoles, midfoot straps, and the right heels, while the left heel features the “Jumpman” logo. Each of these four colorways is now available at a price of $125.

Jordan Trainer 3 NCAA Pack-5

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