Nike N7’s Celebrations Move Beyond The “Spirit Of Protection” Collection With Collegiate Games

On several occasions Nike has been known to produce a dedicated set of apparel that performs the function of a sportswear item specifically designed for a particular sport. Take this Windrunner, for example. The Cycling Windrunner is designed and perfected for the sport of cycling. This windrunner has a chevron paneled surface that has a sweet display of black and silver colors. The windrunner has a special feature of being packable, thus making it an ideal choice for being the top-priority sportswear for cycling.

nike-n7-spirit-of-protection-collection-2When going on one of those long cycling hikes, different people possess singular tastes for preferring what to wear. Some prefer an airy outlook wearing a loose shirt and shorts or trousers. Other prefer the full cycling kit complete with a cycling trouser, jacket and a helmet along with a set of knee and elbow pads. It largely depends on what taste the individual has and how dedicated is one towards the sport of cycling.

This windrunner also boasts various useful and nifty features that facilitate further the whole process of going out on a bicycle and working out the extra fats on a long cycling trip. These features include taped zips for preventing objects carried around to fall off, hood for warmth and protection against winds, a drawstring Hem, along with a watertight nature making this sportswear item a choice selection for the cycling savvy. These and other quality items from NSW were available from End.

nike-n7-spirit-of-protection-collection-3Sneakerheads already know about the Nike N7 “Spirit Of ProtectionCollection, which includes a special Air Jordan 31 iteration. However, Nike N7 apparently also collaborated with nine different colleges in celebration of Native American Heritage Month. Throughout November and December, select men’s and women’s collegiate basketball games will be taking place and the athletes will be dressed up in the Turquoise-colored N7-inspired uniforms that can be seen here.

nike-n7-spirit-of-protection-collection-4Nike N7 “Spirit Of Protection” Collection

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