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This Superfan Showed Off His Impressive Air Jordan & Nike Oregon Ducks PE Collection

The fact that the Oregon Ducks is appearing in the Final Four will enable the team’s Pacific-12 Conference to make a lot of money. Every year, the NCAA distributes over $200 to each conference that appears in the Final Four. That is why it is beneficial for any particular conference to get as many of their teams as they can into the bracket. For every unit that the Ducks will win in this tournament, the Pacific-12 will earn almost $1.75 million. It is more than certain that one particular superfan will definitely be rooting for the team, considering all the Oregon Duck PEs he has in his collection.

Nike Oregon Ducks PE Collection-1Conferences receive five basketball “units” for every team that makes it to the Final Four. In this NCAA Tournament, considering that the Ducks have won five units, the Pacific-12 Conference will end up receiving a payout of $8.75 million that is spread out evenly over a pay window of six years. The fact that the Ducks are now among the Final Four also means that each member of the Pacific-12 Conference has earned a total of $729,167. Of course, there other team’s from the conference also participated in the tournament, namely Arizona, UCLA and USC, all three of which have won three units.

Fans of the Oregon Ducks may not get anything out of rooting for their team, but that will obviously not stop them from applauding for and supporting their favorite team. Andy Maletis, is the name of the superfan mentioned above, who recently decided to share a photo of his impressive Air Jordan and Nike Oregon Ducks PE collection on Instagram (@a_maleet). He probably did so after learning that the team had made it to the Final Four. Oregon Ducks PE iterations of models like the Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 5 and the LeBron 2 can be seen in this photo.

All of the sneakers from Andy’s collection are definitely rare, especially considering that they did not officially hit the shelves. Some of those pairs are even more special because they bear Tinker Hatfield’s autograph.

Nike Oregon Ducks PE Collection

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